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Atticus and Anthony Talk About Existentialism

Instead of trying to decide which pictures apply to the conversations I’ve chosen to post pictures…

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Will Smith America’s Real Black President

So, DOMA and other political hullabaloos are starting up some talk of equal rights and we are the…

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Jan Willem Van Welzenis is Emoting on Canvas and Telling Us About It |Interview

The K Diaries

“What’s it like to be an intern for K Records?” Dead Dear Resident Brat Melissa Dee gives a rundown…

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NEUROTIC SVENGALI: Mannie Fresh Has A New Band, Sort Of

Neurotic Svengali is a Dead Dear column that I conceived about thirty minutes ago. In the first NS,

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Devin Finch Might Have Something Wrong With Him: Interview

I actually had seen Devin’s months before I knew it was his work. I remember thinking that whoever wrote the comic I read was either hilarious and a genius, or some sort of insane person whose mental decline tickled my insides. I later contacted him…

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So You Think You Can Dance: The Introduction of Our New Editor

Okay, so after the benzo’s wore off I realized that I did not post the last couple of articles on…

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Food & Cigarettes With Luke Csehak of Happy Jawbone Family Band

Happy Jawbone Family Band is a band from Brattleboro, VT. They make weird pop/rock and roll…

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Dead Dear Resident Brat and Managing Editor Reporting For Duty

Allow me to pre-introduce myself…

DAD’S NOT HOME and he left this broad in charge.

I’m Melissa…

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